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A website is arguably one of the most important pieces of marketing collateral you can have.

A website is arguably one of the most important pieces of marketing collateral you can have. It is your shop window. The way in which a website is designed will impact how a visitor thinks and feels about that company and brand. This is why it is so important to get it right, and why it is such a specialist area that must not be overlooked. A website is built for a reason whether it is to generate leads, sell products, capture customer information or provide brand support or information, this will simply not be successful if the site is not designed well and to suit the purpose or goal.

A well-designed website will:

Reflect the brand: through understanding the company, its personality and objectives; and using this knowledge to ensure it portrays the brand values through layout, copywriting and imagery.

Be easy to navigate: so the visitor is able to easily find their way around the site, with minimal scrolling, straightforward signposting and visible links to other information and pages.

Have a clear ?call to action?: in order that the user knows exactly where to go, or what to do next, to achieve their goals in visiting the site.

Consider user experience: The journey that a visitor takes through your website and the experience they receive is one of the most important factors when considering conversion rates and Google considers it a key ranking factor too. This means that the whole solution from fast hosting through to a fast and effective website is highly important.

Design for mobile: Mobile has become a standard, there’s no website that shouldn’t consider the mobile user’s experience as anything less than critical these days. Some sites have more mobile visitors now than desktop visitors.

Be aesthetically pleasing: to increase the length of time that a prospective customer wants to spend on the website, through the clever and expert use of imagery, logos and colour. It must look great if it is going to be successful.

Consider the customer: by designing the site with the customer in mind. Knowing who they are and what is important to them is key. This will further persuade them to do what you want them to do.

Use the copy to best effect: ensuring that the words that flow throughout the website are punchy, to the point, and provide clarity around what is being offered by the website and company. Headings are used to guide the visitor through the pages of the site.

Take into account your marketing activities: planning around your onward marketing activities including social media, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and more helps ensure so that your new website provides the tools you need to build a healthy return on your investment. Not all web designers think past what a website looks like and that can land you in hot-water later!

All of these elements come together perfectly, to ensure the best experience possible when a visitor comes to your site, in order to maximise any marketing that has brought a prospective customer to the site and promote a company in the best possible light. That?s what a website should do, and why the design element is crucial.

About VOOV

Our client base spreads across a wide range of industry sectors and locales so, whether you’re an accountant looking for web design in Bolton or a solicitor or online shop looking for a web development in Manchester or London, then you’ve come to the right place.

We believe that each website is unique and should be tailored specifically for your industry and unique selling points (USPs).

VOOV’s experience throughout different industries familiarises ourselves with multiple business processes, priorities and considerations when building a website. Where possible, we can streamline your front-end web systems to your back-end systems. Let the website capture leads so that you can convert them to opportunities.

Our build process encourages new ideas, best practices and automation so that we can increase efficiencies and productivity. Technology should be used to make your day to day easier, not harder.

Some of our recent projects are within industries from fashion to engineering, law to technology, insurance and accounting. Have a look at a sample of our work below.

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