E-commerce Websites

If you’re looking for a highly functional e-commerce website to take your business forward, then speak to the experts at VOOV.

We work for clients across all industries, but especially those operating in legal, engineering, insurance, retail, fashion and accountancy spaces. We provide the full range of digital assets that they need, from targeted marketing campaign apps through to fully e-commerce enabled websites. Together, these assets allow businesses to attract, engage and convert customers, guiding them through the customer lifecycle in a profitable way.

VOOV is different

When it comes to building e-commerce sites, we create solutions that are entirely bespoke to your business. At VOOV we work to understand each individual set of needs and then seeking to create an entirely customised solution that delivers against measurable objectives.

To achieve this, we work closely with your management team and nominated business leads to really understand your business and its brand values, to understand your service offer, your customers, your objectives and your sales processes.

We map the way you engage with customers and deliver sales offline, so that we can create streamlined online solutions that integrate with your existing systems wherever possible, helping to make your business more efficient and giving your sales and marketing team realtime analytics into how your online sales channel is operating.

We invest heavily in our client relationships to measurable effect. By creating an e-commerce site that is completely tailored to your business, we can facilitate better conversions and identified outcomes. The sorts of features we will build in will depend on your needs, but will typically include:

  • Payment gateways using best in class technologies
  • Shipping rules for clear and optimised fulfilment with your chosen logistics partner – including courier integration for a seamless customer experience
  • Order processing integrations so that your databases can cross-communicate and share relevant data for better business transparency
  • Full integration of sage and other accounts platforms Stock control functionality
  • Full back-end analytics and reporting, with custom reports created to suit your business needs.
  • Highly secure and robust platforms to ensure customer trust, safety and peace of mind.

Additional services

Unlike many other digital agencies, we invest in the long-term and offer our clients a range of services that can help them to get the most from their digital investment. Alongside the creation of highly performing e-commerce sites we can provide website and app development, digital strategy support, digital asset reviews, online marketing, software integration, social media strategy, e- marketing campaigns and more. We also offer a series of flexible servicing and retainer packages so that you can access the team of experts at VOOV whenever you need them, helping to ensure the ongoing investment and development of your digital assets.

Creative idea sharing

Our philosophy is that technology is a business enabler, rather than something that exists to flummox people! Our team are highly experienced and technical experts in their functional fields, but they don’t resort to jargon and they are passionate about communicating clearly and effectively with our clients. This helps to facilitate projects that are particularly creative and innovative in their nature and delivery, and which really deliver ROI.


By using VOOV you are also guaranteed to have expert, highly technical services at your disposal for the most complex elements of building an e-commerce site that integrates with your existing systems. This is vital. Today’s e-commerce requirements mean that only the best coding and development, and most reliable systems and platforms can be trusted to create robust, secure and reliable sites that will fulfil your customer expectations and help to safeguard your business. At VOOV, we only deliver the best, and we are constantly ahead of the development curve.

Get in touch

The first step is to get in touch with us to discuss your needs and arrange an initial meeting at your leisure. We are always delighted to visit potential client premises and to get a real sense of the opportunities and challenges that exist for your business and the ways in which we can provide digital solutions to help you to thrive and grow. Contact us today and let’s set things in motion!