Can you remember your passwords? If you answered yes, read on?.

It?s (currently) a safe bet that if you?re reading this you are human and as such, inherently lazy. Why would you bother to use different passwords for online services? Nobody is going to guess my password is monkey123 so whats the fuss?

If you?ve ever been a victim of crime, then you?ll understand how long it takes to pick up the pieces, change the locks, and feel safe again.

Losing your shared password by either giving it away yourself or an online service losing it for you can have devastating consquese for you, your finances, credit rating, bank balance, online reputation, career and more?

What can you do to protect yourself?

You could delete your online accounts and move to the woods. There are alternatives, such as password managers?

A great one to use is LastPass, with options that start from FREE through to Enterprise versions there?s an option for everyone and there?s very little reason not to use it.

You can store all your account credentials within LastPass, generate large secure passwords that you don?t need to remember that are also unique for each account. So if one website is compromised and gives away your login details, the password is of no use anywhere else.

So check out LastPass for FREE from?