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Great News, We're Hiring!

Job One

Are you a Professional Web Designer?

We’re looking for a web designer who can take our client’s design brief through the creative process and deliver standards compliment HTML & CSS. Your creations will be built onto a PHP framework.

You will already know the skills set you will need to have along with some portfolio work we can review.

Job Two

How about a Project Coordinator?

We are looking for a project coordinator who can be the go to person for colleagues and customers alike. You will know where each and every project is up to and keep every project stakeholder up to speed.

This is a unique role for someone upbeat, determined, logical, organised and highly communicative.

We are very much a team of equals, we don’t do lone-wolfs or big egos or diva’s. We don’t have space hoppers or air hockey in the office, but we do offer a fantastic working environment, great team ethos and “vibe”, systems that work and if you want it a free lunch in our on-site bistro (yes there is such a thing as a free lunch!).

We will pay you a good salary and you’ll always know where you stand with us. We will also encourage you to build and expand on your skills.

If you’re ready for a change from your current position and would like to join us, get in touch: joinus@voov.co.uk

About VOOV

Service Service Service. Our skills are born out of the service end of the IT industry. We've always got our hands dirty, doing the tough thankless tasks the many shy away from.

We are old enough and thick skinned enough to say "no" when it's really necessary! We wouldn't feel comfortable saying yes yes yes and taking your money knowing something isn't right.

We tell the truth, we'll always be honest with you, we often recommend using open source systems rather then bespoke programming. Our project management mentality means we go with the options that make the most sense for you, not always the most profit for us.


We deliver, manage and maintain high quality web projects. Our services range from single page websites, through fully bespoke e-commerce sites onto ongoing analytics and web maintenance.

We also cover web hosting and domain name services so you don't have to!

Contact Us

Call us FREE on 0800 009 6296

Feel free to get in touch or request a call back, even if it is just to say hello!

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